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Welcome to Wurzen Nutraceuticals Pvt Ltd

Wurzen Nutraceuticals Pvt. Ltd is a leading manufacturer, supplier & exporter of quality standardized herbal extracts since 2016. An exclusive manufacturing facility and dedicated raw materials supplier network makes us the one-stop-shop for all your requirements of standardized herbal extracts, herbal raw material and other plant derivatives from India.

Raw Materials

We deliver raw materials that are carefully assessed and inspected to make sure that they live up to our standards for good business and quality.

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Plants & Equipment

We specializes in the manufacture, supply and installation of plants on a turnkey basis. we are industry leader in the supply of solvent extraction plant.

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Product Application

With customers across a wide range of industries, we offer a comprehensive range of finishes for functional and decorative applications.

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Sales Network

A nation-wide network of dealers backed with offices and technical centers at Bangalore, Tumkur across Karnataka and several other cities ensures prompt assistance.

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Vision and Mission

To achieve this goal, several independent divisions work with a synergistic approach and help profile the product to meet international standards. The innovations have brought us not just a rising arrow in our growth chart, but also have won us several accolades and awards, national and international.

Quality Assurance

• Wurzen Nutraceuticals adhere to the best practices & incorporates the latest technology in quality management. Our quality assurance activity starts from the selection of raw material to the end products. Wurzen Nutraceuticals has the state of the art research & testing facility.

• Liquid Chromatography (HPLC)

• Gas Chromatography (GC Headspace) Color absorption Chromatography (UV visible spectrometer)

• Our vision is one Swirl out the natures soul in all its purity.